Message from the music Gods?

Is it just me or do songs always seem to play that apply so accurately to a situation that you are currently experiencing in your life? Or is it perhaps the fact that we are more aware of these applicable songs due to the fact that we are so preoccupied with thoughts of the said situation?

I suppose it is the latter. I would however like to believe that there is some kind of “music God” looking over us and sending us messages (or perhaps just making us more upset with the copious amounts of love songs out there).

Today, quite a few songs being played in public or over the radio caught my attention but this one stood out the most. I think this song applies to such an incredible amount of people. The lyrics are so easily related to.

Commence drumroll!

Brought into this world on July the 29th of this year: Maroon 5 – “It was always you”


Enjoy, reminisce, cry?


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