The Illusive Maybe strikes again

The title to this post has a dual purpose.

1) I haven’t written a post in what feels like forever. I’m not going to make any excuses or mention any reasons because the drama that has occurred over the past month is feeble – if you consider the greater picture of life.

This post therefore serves as a comeback or a “sequel” if you must. I think the title has a real Star Wars vibe to it (is this just me?)

2) Today has been a day of constant bad news for me. I’ve received two “we need to talk” messages and just quite a few other things that have me begging on my knees for something great to come of today – in the remaining hour and a half (no pressure, Universe).

In addition to that, there are just way too many “maybes” in my  life right now and I don’t want these maybes and I don’t want to have to deal with them. I need things to be definite and I need to know where I stand. I suppose I want things to be definite because I’m a bit of a control freak and I actually cannot stand uncertainty. Things need to be in my control and I need to be able to plan my life around these things.

Wow, I’m going off on a bit of a tangent here and I’m beginning to sound relatively obsessive.

So there you have it!


Mmmmmm should I post this or should I not?

Oh well.

*hits Publish*


Giving thanks

Today is Thanksgiving and even though it is not celebrated in South Africa I thought I could still take this opportunity to reflect on my life and  what I am truly thankful for. There are several things of course – my friends and family, the roof over my head, food, my education (and the list goes on). I however have chosen this day to nominate something that I definitely take for granted – my legs. These two trusty steads carry me for hours on end.

After working an 8 hour shift I decided to go and do some “retail therapy”. Unfortunately, after half an hour I began to feel pain in my knee which caused me to cut the therapy session short. This awful pain reminded me of an event which took place just over a year ago. In October last year I had a scooter accident. Today in the mall I had a flashback to what it felt like and what I went through that night.

After sliding on some gravel in the road I was flung off my scooter, my helmet came loose and I landed in the middle of the street. Upon regaining consciousness and taking in what had just happened I began to have a major “freak out” session. This was because I could not feel anything in my legs. I immediately assumed the worst – that I had been paralysed. I would never be able to run, walk, dance, skip, jump, stand up…

Thank goodness there seems to be a greater power looking out for me. I escaped the accident with only a slight concussion, some scrapes and an injury to the knee. My lucky legs remain fully functional.

The fact that I do have healthy and strong legs is definitely something that I don’t appreciate enough. It could have so easily been taken away from me that evening. I should thank my lucky stars a lot more frequently for all he things in my life which I would definitely struggle to live without.