Gone with gossiping


“xoxo Gossip Girl”

I’m sure many are familiar with this line from the hit TV series – a series featuring much drama and intrigue and a series that unfortunately glamorizes the idea of gossiping.

A few days ago I came to terms with the fact that I have a big problem with gossiping. I all of a sudden realized that much of my time spent with people was going towards this guilty pastime. This is done without even realizing the repercussions. It’s all “good and well” and absolutely fine until you hear that people have been gossiping about you or saying things behind your back – and it stings. We all love to say, “I really don’t care what other people think or say about me” but there is no truth in this. Deep down we all care and deep down these things do in fact bother us.

So I have made an active decision to attempt to curb this bad habit. Why should I be participating in something that could cause so much upset and pain?

I am a firm believer in karma so it’s definitely time for me to start putting more positive actions and thoughts about other people (and even myself) out into the universe.

Instead of saying something rude or vaguely negative about someone I will be trying my best to be involved in “positive gossip”. There is so much good to be found in other people. Let us celebrate this instead.

It’s going to be difficult but I could really do with a challenge in my life right now.

Who’s with me?